Mary Immaculate 10 Inch

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  • 10 inch height
  • Poly-resin statue
  • Free shipping in India

Honor the Virgin Mary with our Mary Immaculate 10 Inch statue. This stunning statue depicts Mary in her Immaculate Conception, exuding grace and purity. Perfect for bringing a sense of peace and devotion to your home.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, holds a significant place in the hearts of many Christians. Our Mary Immaculate 10 Inch statue is a beautiful representation of Mary in her Immaculate Conception, symbolizing her purity and grace. This stunning statue is perfect for bringing a sense of peace and devotion to your home, and serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and love. With a height of 10 inches, it is the perfect size to display in your home or to give as a gift to a loved one on a special occasion. This statue is a timeless reminder of the importance of the Virgin Mary in Christianity and a treasured addition to any home.

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