High quality Charcoal burning discs (35mm)

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20 Charcoal discs

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Are you looking for the perfect charcoal discs for burning frankincense resins? Look no further than our high-quality quick light 35 mm charcoal discs. These charcoal discs are designed to ignite instantly with just one match, making them convenient and easy to use.

Our charcoal discs are made with high-quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent burn. A single disc can burn for up to 45 minutes with a constant flame, allowing you to enjoy the intense aroma of herbal flavor.

One of the best features of our charcoal discs is that they are completely odorless. This means that you can enjoy the aroma of your frankincense resins without any interference from unwanted odors.

In addition to being perfect for burning frankincense resins, these charcoal discs are also ideal for other types of incense. Whether you are using them for personal meditation or in a religious setting, these high-quality quick light charcoal discs are sure to impress.

Don't settle for lower quality charcoal discs. Invest in our high-quality quick light charcoal discs for the best burning experience. Shop now and take your incense-burning to the next level.

To use charcoal discs for burning frankincense, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the charcoal disc on a heat-resistant surface, such as a metal or ceramic dish.
  2. Light the edge of the charcoal disc with a match or lighter.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the disc to start to glow red hot.
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of frankincense resin onto the hot charcoal disc.
  5. As the resin begins to heat up, it will release its aroma and smoke, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere.
  6. Add more frankincense resin as needed to keep the smoke going.

Be sure to use caution when handling hot charcoal discs, and never leave them unattended. With proper use and care, charcoal discs can provide a wonderful and meaningful experience for those who practice the burning of frankincense resins.

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