Cassock measurements

How to measure

  • Measurements should be taken exactly as per the reference Videos.
  • Measurements should be taken without wearing a Cassock, it should be taken over normal Trouser/Shirt.
  • Neck measurement should be taken with one finger inside as shown in the Video.
  • Arm length measurement should be taken with arms bent like shown in the Video.

After placing your order, please e-mail us the measurements along with your order number. If you need further assistance with taking measurements, please contact us at

   How to measure your neck (A)

How to measure your shoulder (B)

How to measure your chest (C)

How to measure your waist (D)

How to measure your arm length (E)

How to measure your Cassock length (F)


How to measure Cassock length from below collar till triangle-cut (center) of your actual fitting Cassock (G)


How to measure Cassock collar neck from button to button-hole of your actual Cassock (H)