Immaculate of Mary MP6A - Backlit/LED

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Backlit/LED Frame - 24" x 18"

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  • Premium quality art-work
  • Everything needed to hang comes in the box
  • Shipped within 3-5 business days. 100% transit-damage protection
  • LED Backlight
  • Comes framed on a high quality contemporary style brown frame 
  • For custom size / print contact us at

Introducing our Premium LED backlit Sacred Heart Mother Mary photo, beautifully framed in a high-quality brown contemporary designer frame. This stunning piece of art captures the grace and serenity of Mother Mary, with the sacred heart symbol at the center of her chest glowing brightly.

The significance of this image is rooted in Catholic tradition, which holds Mother Mary in high esteem as the mother of Jesus and a powerful intercessor. The sacred heart represents Jesus' love for humanity and Mother Mary's devotion to her son, making this piece a powerful symbol of faith and love.

Our LED backlighting technology highlights the intricate details of the image, bringing out the richness of the colors and the beauty of the design. The frame adds an elegant touch to the overall presentation, making this piece a perfect addition to any home or religious setting.

Experience the beauty and power of faith with our Premium LED backlit Sacred Heart Mother Mary photo. Order now and let this timeless piece bring inspiration and comfort to your life.


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