Chalice & Paten Set -CHN1

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  • Height: 8.5" ; Top-cup diameter: 3.75"
  • Heavy Gold &  Silver Plate Finish- Ornate Model
  • Base Metal :  Grade 1 Quality Nickel
  • Comes with a standard scale Paten
  • Direct from manufacturer; Made-to-order; Shipped within 2 weeks; for custom requirements (custom size, pure Silver make) please contact us;
  • Heavy Gold/Silver metal plate for long life
  • 100% quality assurance & 100% protection against transit damages
  • Free Shipping in India
    The Chalice & Paten Set is an essential part of religious ceremonies, symbolizing the blood of Christ and the sacrifice made for humanity. The Chalice represents the cup used by Christ during the Last Supper, and the Paten is a plate for holding the Eucharist bread. This set holds great significance for the Christian faith and is a crucial component of the Holy Communion. Investing in a high-quality set like this one ensures that your religious services will be conducted with reverence and respect for the tradition.
    This stunning Chalice & Paten Set is the perfect addition to your religious ceremonies. Standing at a height of 8.5" with a top-cup diameter of 3.75", this set is made from Grade 1 Quality nickel and features a Heavy Gold Ornate and silver Finish for an elegant and timeless look. The included standard scale Paten ensures a complete set, and it comes direct from the manufacturer for added convenience. This set is not only functional but also a beautiful symbol of faith that will add a touch of splendor to any service.


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